The Verdict Is

I'm just FAT!

Check back in a few months for the next Chapter to the story . . . .


I've Still Got It

While everyone else is pondering the big "is-she-or-isn't-she" dilemma, I've been having some ponderings of my own. I've been feeling a little slow lately and almost a little down. Just not quite my perky, chipper ole self. So, when the going gets ruff, the ruff go to the dog show . . . and eat hot dogs*. And just to confirm, I've still got it goin' on. I'm One Hot Momma! (Or is that "Hot Momma-To-Be.") I know 'cause the Judges gave me a RED RIBBON.

*I am not a cannibal. "Hot dogs" are not made from canines; it is a term of art referring to "yummie food." Now, some real dogs can be hot - as in "hubba hubba." Those kind of dogs I flirt with - or I would if I had the chance. My sissy Kayla usually beats me to it.


Am I or Aren't I?

I know everyone is dying to know... am I PREGNANT or not? Well Dad decided he'd take matters into his own hands, as Mom just isn't reliable these days. He scheduled me for another visit at the VET for Monday, December 8 at 6:30 p.m. for something called an ultrasound. Dad says he already knows, but Mom just can't tell. All I know is that I'm sooo tired these days. Either being beautiful is simply exhausting or I really am pregnant! Uh oh!! Stay tuned...



Sorry that I haven't written more but . . . I'm tired.


There's No Place Like Home

It was good to be away but it is GREAT to be HOME! MY park. MY Chuck it. Back to MY RULES and being the Queen of all I rule.

It was a good thing I packed my . . . shoes.


Lights. Handler. ACTION!

Our vacation is coming to an end but fun was had by all. We came, we saw, we conquered (or we tried to conquer) and we looked darn good doing it. Here is a highlight reel of sissy looking "darn good."

Now That's One Fast Vizsla!


Dog in Action: Sissy Kayla

Handler: Auntie Janet

Videographer: Uncle Gary

Cheerleaders: Brother Polo, Cousin Rudy & Auntie D

Missing in Action: Moi (Hey, where the heck was I??)


Separation Anxiety

Auntie D. has kept JaegerBaby and O-Doggie away from me . . . until today. She had what we vizsla girls call, "Separation Anxiety." She was anxious that I'd play slap and tickle with them or something. (Humans. So exasperating sometimes.) Finally, the boys are BACK! I was so excited. Boys! Boys! Boys! But . . . I don't get it. No one is interested. I mean, no boys are interested - just Kona.

Lets go back a few weeks so that I can refresh your recollection. I am the pretty one. So, why are there no doting boys??? I think Jaeger is just selfish - all about himself and HIS toys. Then there is my sissy, who is flirting with Owe'n. (Ha ha, she was denied too!)

Rest easy, Dad. Only girl-on-girl action going on here . . . much to Kayla's dismay!



I love bullys. Everyone knows I love bullys. In fact, some even believe I live for bullys. One who shares that belief is my sissy Kayla.

After a long day of dog runs, keeping Kona off my back
(Siren is still the best I've ever had), and holding down the couch, Auntie D. gave everyone a bul-. It wasn't even a whole bul-LY. It was just BUL. It was a STUB, it was short and it was certainly nothing to brag about. (Another "what was she thinking" comes to mind.) Everyone blinked and *poof* mine was gone.

Sissy K. looks out for me in times of need and, boy-oh-boy, was I needin' more! So, we hatched a plan. I was the decoy and got on the couch to share some VTUs as a distraction. Meanwhile, K went into the kitchen and found the box of REAL Hannah sized chews. Thatagirl! She opened the box, pulled two out and brought the contraband into . . . the living room. *sigh* BUSTED.

Hmmm, I wonder if that is why Kayla got locked in the basement for an hour . . . .


We're HOT!

The last two nights, I've shared the bed with my sissy K, Auntie D., BMS and Kona-Bean. Its been nice, cozy and . . . hot. Hey Mom and Dad, I think the girls and I just solved the energy crisis. Four vizslas create an unbelievable amount of VTUs*!

*Vizsla Thermal Units: The quantity of heat generated by a snuggling vizsla.


On the Road Again . . . .

After flying around the ring early in the morning (too early), it was time to get going. We had a little rearranging to do but I managed to grab a seat in business class with my cousin Siren. Here is my mug. Smile for the camera!!

I'm an angel; check out my halo!!!

This is my cousin Siren.
She doubles well as a pillow as you can clearly see.

Siren & Me . . . neckin'. Its okay 'cause we're kissing cousins.
Hey Auntie D, keep your eyes on the road!!

Nothing like a good headrest to make a trip more comfortable . . .
We arrived back to our vacation destination and went on a nice run. Ahhhhhhhhhh. The pups played Chase-the-Kona, which was great as they didn't interfere with my moseying.

PS Siren is the best I've ever had. Tonight I let her have a moment but I think she has an addiction problem and I finally put a stop to her advances.


Eye of the Tiger

I felt it appropriate to have theme music for today's blog post but couldn't quite manage. I picked the movie Rocky with "Eye of the Tiger" because I think "The Little Engine That Could" hasn't been made into a movie yet.

Auntie D and I returned to the ring to have one last go at it. I decided to toss all that fancy stuff out the window as it clearly didn't help. Back to being me - The One and Only Hannah without all the distracting airs. What you see is what you get. And the judge GOT IT! (Doing the Snoopy dance! I got more 'dogs.) Everyone wanted pictures and the paparazzi took a bunch with the loot I grabbed. (More stuff for the closet; there wasn't one freakin' bully in that pile!)

The groups were good. I moved, I showed and I even show off a little. In his own way Judge Wash-something said, "I want to see more of that pretty vizsla. Bring her over here." (Okay so he really said, "the Vizsla" but I knew what he meant.)

The evening was filled with drama that I don't really know about. After checking in to a new (and much better smelling) hotel. Sissy, Siren and I had a girls night in. We cleaned ears, played hide and seek under the bed sheets, (Kayla was obviously the hider), and even enjoyed a little late night slider (chicken instead of beef). All in all a great day.

PS Siren is still the best I've ever had but I am really growing tired of her.


It doesn't pay to be a show off . . . .

Today I went to a show, this time with my Auntie Debbie. (She is really my Grandma but who wants to be called Granny in their 40s.) Anyway, it has been a while since we teamed up in the ring so I wanted to pull out all the stops to really make her look good for the judge. I gave lots of ears, a wagging tail, and even a mouth dropping freestack but . . . the judge wasn't buying it. (delete for unlady-like content.) What a waste of attitude! It doesn't pay to be a show off. (But secretly, those teeny weenies are the bomb.)

The agility was good. My sister ran her heart out and my brother got a "Q". Hmm. A new one for me. I know BOB, BOS and AOM but I've never heard of a "Q" (except my other cousin named "Q".) Very happy for the in-laws. At least they got a ribbon!

PS - Siren is still the best I've every had. She is INSATIABLE!



Sooooooooo, Maryland is going to have to wait. We packed up all the youngsters and detoured to North Carolina to visit my brother and in-laws. YES!!! I love Polo and Rudy.

PS Since our arrival, Siren has been *servicing* my every desire. She is the best I've ever had.


I am *finally* getting a real vacation and am bringing my sister, Kayla, with me. It is our usual once-a-year visit with my relatives in Maryland. (I secretly think Kayla is more excited about it than I am!) I hope mom and dad can find something to do with all their extra time.


Excited . . .

about my trip to the vet . . .again . . .


*Public Service Announcement*

For those of you out there reading this and preparing to buy my Christmas gifts, I enjoy Bully Sticks, Salmon treats, (Duck will do in a pinch), ChuckIts, the occasional outfit and designer panties. If the recession is hurting your piggy bank, ear scratches and belly rubs will do too. But girls like me DO NOT LIKE BEING POKED AND PRODDED FROM THE HIND END.

You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled "One" post.

Justice in a Box

My award arrived today and Daddy took me to the vet to pick it up. Take a look . . . . It is called "Justice in a Box" and is some kind of "do it yourself" project. (Assembly Required.) Where's the pretty paper with the cute little bow? I am a girlie girl, after all.

The vet opened the package for me (I have the obvious
opposable thumb problem) and pulled out a tube. I was not prepared for what happened next. The "assembly" part happened . . . internally. I mean, IN ME. I mean, it went in the WRONG END OF ME. That is an "exit" area NOT an entrance. Wholly Schmolly. I let Daddy know what I thought of this kind of "gift." A freakin' gag gift - that's what it was. And trust me, I was gagging.



Holy Drama!

Mom woke me up early this morning to go visit the vet . . . again. (*sigh* I should add this to the earlier "what was she thinking" post.) In the late morning the vet called and apparently my scores qualified me for . . . a little Justice. All I know about "a little Justice" is that pandemonium just let loose in my household. Sheesh, mom. IT'S JUST A TEST SCORE.

(Secretly. I can't wait to go pick up my prize!)


On MY Terms

Its all about timing. Things are moving slowly. Kayla might be the pushy one in the family but I am determined to prove that the World DOES revolve around me - just in case there was any confusion.



It seems little progress has been made on the boyfriend front. I guess I need to get to work.

Sweet Sexy and Accomplished SVB ISO fertile VM to consumate heat cycle during the week starting Nov. 9th. Forget the walks on the beach and fine dining. I'll eat anything (bullies are my favorite) and there is nothing like a good snuggle. Resume must include past production history, OFA, DNA and appropriate other tests as needed.

Pedigreed Only Considered.


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

This afternoon we parked, as we do every day. And boy, was it FUN! The farmer put down some fresh fertilizer. (My mom has another word for it - something about dropping chickens but I didn't see any chickens. I think it is a bad word, though - and not appropriate for blogging). Anyway, my sissy Kayla and I rolled and rolled and rolled. And now . . . I . . . smell . . . FABULOUS.

Look out boys, I got the 'fume on.


Well, to be entirely accurate, the word is poke-me.

Today merited a trip to the vet. Not quite sure why as I am in superb health (and well dressed to boot, as you already have noticed). Anyway, I not only got poked at the vet but . . . I thought the puppies were going to arrive before the vet did. In the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, I took the opportunity to take a dog nap (as opposed to a cat nap). *YAWN*

Well, thanks for checking in. I think I will go hold the couch down until it is time to PARK.


Wooo Hoooo! Go Mommie!

(Sorry 'bout the delay in posting. I'm not on speaking terms with my mom because she went to two more dog shows without me . . . and won. It is demoralizing. She might be the "vizsla queen" but I'm the pretty one on the end of the lead and she shouldn't forget that!)

Ahh, but I digress. I have great news to share. Today my brother Polo earned an agility title, which is great for him but the best part is that qualified my REAL mommie - Erin - for her Registry of Merit. Erin left a great mark on the vizsla breed, a larger one on hearts of everyone in my family and without her - I wouldn't exist. She left us too early after a tragic accident but she is always in my thoughts. I love you Mommie Erin and I hope I did you proud. Now to get to work on your grandpups . . . . (Oh yeah, and my nephew Seamus became a champion today too. Stealing my thunder. arrrummppphhh)



Have you ever seen pants this cute??

Just check out that detail - sequins, bright colors -
and, yes boys, even a pocket for your tips!
Am I a hot momma-to-be or what??

You too can always be stylin' if you shop at Pawsitively 5th Avenue.

One for the "What Was She Thinking" Column

Mom went to the dog show today . . . WITHOUT ME!! Everyone knows I'm the pretty one.

WHAT . . . WAS . . . SHE . . . THINKING.

If she goes again tomorrow and I stay home all I can say is she better save me some hot dogs!


A Brilliant Idea . . . .

It *might* help things along if I were to have a boyfriend!