I've Still Got It

While everyone else is pondering the big "is-she-or-isn't-she" dilemma, I've been having some ponderings of my own. I've been feeling a little slow lately and almost a little down. Just not quite my perky, chipper ole self. So, when the going gets ruff, the ruff go to the dog show . . . and eat hot dogs*. And just to confirm, I've still got it goin' on. I'm One Hot Momma! (Or is that "Hot Momma-To-Be.") I know 'cause the Judges gave me a RED RIBBON.

*I am not a cannibal. "Hot dogs" are not made from canines; it is a term of art referring to "yummie food." Now, some real dogs can be hot - as in "hubba hubba." Those kind of dogs I flirt with - or I would if I had the chance. My sissy Kayla usually beats me to it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it must be fun to have such a "winning" dog. Thanks for all these updates Deborah. BTW, tonight we met Michelle R at the VCNC meeting. She is a fun lady and her puppy Dreama is aptly named.

Theresa said...

I cannot wait to hear how the Vet visit went today. My fingers and toes are crossed for some good news!