The Verdict Is

I'm just FAT!

Check back in a few months for the next Chapter to the story . . . .


I've Still Got It

While everyone else is pondering the big "is-she-or-isn't-she" dilemma, I've been having some ponderings of my own. I've been feeling a little slow lately and almost a little down. Just not quite my perky, chipper ole self. So, when the going gets ruff, the ruff go to the dog show . . . and eat hot dogs*. And just to confirm, I've still got it goin' on. I'm One Hot Momma! (Or is that "Hot Momma-To-Be.") I know 'cause the Judges gave me a RED RIBBON.

*I am not a cannibal. "Hot dogs" are not made from canines; it is a term of art referring to "yummie food." Now, some real dogs can be hot - as in "hubba hubba." Those kind of dogs I flirt with - or I would if I had the chance. My sissy Kayla usually beats me to it.


Am I or Aren't I?

I know everyone is dying to know... am I PREGNANT or not? Well Dad decided he'd take matters into his own hands, as Mom just isn't reliable these days. He scheduled me for another visit at the VET for Monday, December 8 at 6:30 p.m. for something called an ultrasound. Dad says he already knows, but Mom just can't tell. All I know is that I'm sooo tired these days. Either being beautiful is simply exhausting or I really am pregnant! Uh oh!! Stay tuned...



Sorry that I haven't written more but . . . I'm tired.